what is unique Eugene?

Unique Eugene is a non-profit, Independent Business Alliance (EugeneIBA) working to ensure local businesses prosper in our community.  Started as Unique Eugene in 1999, our grassroots merchants cooperative is evolving into a broad alliance of independent businesses. We believe we will have a stronger, more durable economy and preserve the unique character of Eugene with many thriving local independent businesses.

OUR mission

Unique Eugene promotes locally owned businesses in order to enhance the unique character, social health and economic prosperity of our community.

our WORK

  • We are building a strong collective brand to signal a locally-owned independent business.  Look for Spokes-e and the Unique Eugene name where you shop, dine, and play and be assured that you are supporting your community when you shop at these businesses.
  • We promote the powerful positive impact of local independent businesses within our community .
  • We raise consumers awareness about the importance of independent businesses and persuade people to shop locally.
  • We create a powerful voice for local independent businesses.
  • We give back to our community. 
  • We work here, play here, call Eugene home. We enthusiastically support the vibrant, independent community that we love.

Eugene Independent Business Alliance Board Members

Bill Bezuk, The Eugene Backyard Farmer - President
Dwight Collins, Newman's Fish Company - Treasurer
Virginia Xing
, Paul's Bicycle Way of Life - Member
Jim Robertson
, Prince Pucklers - Member
Neva Becker, Rainbow Optics - Member
Gavin McComas
, Sundance Natural Foods - Member
Susan Costa
, Mosaic Fair Trade Collection - Secretary

Eugene Independent Business Alliance

c/o The Eugene Backyard Farmer
501 Washington St., Eugene, OR 97401
web:  www.uniqueeugene.com
email:  info@uniqueeugene.com
phone: 541-653-6528

Eugene Independent Business Alliance is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization doing business as Unique Eugene.

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